The Super Producer

YUNGROC is a Nigerian born International Record Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer who has built more art in the Entertainment Culture. Yungroc is a multi-award winning producer currently Headlining Owned record label Morhymes City Records He has found that his strength is in production, arranging, co-writing, engineering and mixing with the various talented artists he has worked with. YUNGROC is most decorated music producer in the eastern part of Nigeria. Redemption Circleis solely produced by Yungroc and Mastered by @mixclassics. In 2020, YUNGROCplans the official lunch of his one on one TV interview series Called Burn, And his official podcast series with Radiocafe Podcast. With the addition of a 6-track EP HOHA, which consisted of a totally self produced Tracks features great art. YUNGROC is determined to sponsor upcoming artistes through his talent scouting label Morhymes City Records. In view to aid promote entertainment in Nigeria, the multi-award winning producer, YUNGROC who has in past and recent times , made a lot of changing moves geared towards promoting young talents ,introduced a TV program called cypher Fridays. Cypher Fridays will provide a showcasing platform for many young talents whose voices are yet to be heard and faces yet to be seen on the big screens of the Nigerian Entertainment industry. It will feature comedians, singers and rappers; there is no geographical limitation as the pool of participants will cut across the nation.